Lesson Plan:
How much Cotton can a Cotton Gin Gin? Grades 3-8

Lesson Plan Created by: Gillian Jackson

In this lesson students will learn about the second stage in the production of a t-shirt: The Cotton Gin.  Students will learn the importance of a cotton gin through a hands-on activity separating seeds from cotton boils and learn about the inventor of the cotton gin: Eli Whitney

Subject Area(s):

Life Science, Social Studies, Agriculture

Recommend Grade Level:

3rd grade - 8th grade

Estimated Time: 

One hour

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the role of the cotton gin in production of a t-shirt
  • To understand the impact of Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin

Materials Needed:

  • Raw cotton bolls
  • Cotton balls
  • Kitchen scales
  • Model of Eli Whitney's cotton gin (optional)

Lesson Plan Content:

  • Vocabulary
  • Teacher Background Information
  • Activities
  • In Classroom Activities

Download Entire Lesson Plan

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